This is my new Perfect World International Video! :D

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Bom, não tenho muito tempo durante semana, e quando tenho, passo jogando algum MMO. Sim, ainda não larguei meu lado nerd.

E como nenhum, acredito que nenhum, americano leia meu blog vou dedicar ao pessoal BR ,que assim como eu, é viciado em algum jogo :p

Mas o foco principal vai ser dado ao Perfect World, mais especificamente Perfect World International. A versão Norte Americana do jogo traz mais oportunidades de conteúdo e uma diversidade de culturas jogando pelo mundo todo.

Como alguns sabem, eu jogo Perfect World desde seu lançamento Open Beta na Level Up! Possuo um Arqueiro 101 God3 e depois de um tempo de decepções na versão brasileira, segui meu rumo à versão norte americana, da qual eu já admirava alguns famosos de lá.

E hoje tenho uma Arqueira 100 Evil2 e alguns chars alternativos, mas upando em principal um Sacerdote. Tentarei voltar o conteúdo para tutoriais desses chars, e relatos.

Mais uma vez digo, não tenho muito tempo pra atualizar conteúdo e muitas vezes terei preguiça, mas vamos ver no que isso da. (:

Obrigado pela atenção.

Some new classes that i got in Grand Chase Brasil (:

To remember the old times; Milady

Music: Kim Hyun Jung (SS501) - Because I’m Stupid

Drama: Boys Before Flowers (Korea)

You already saw a ninja? No? Maybe? But you already saw a dancing ninja?

Check this

If you like magic, see this video i’m shocked o_o


Well, how i said is a bit hard to me post in Middle of week, ‘cuz my job and school are killing me, but in weekend i’ll post, 100% sure.

Lets talk something different today. Do you prefer cold places or hot places? I’m living in Brasil and how you know, Brasil is a hot place, we have beautiful beaches but isn’t enough for the gigantic territorial space. And in every place of Brasil is hot now. I’m from the south of Brasil and some years ago, like ‘90 decade, this place was usually cold than the others place in Brasil. I’m thinking when the human will stop kill the environment and take care of it? We’re losing places, people, comfort and much more!

Isn’t cool when you look at a clean sky? Admire the clouds and breath the fresh air? I’m tired of all that shit and trying make my part to make this world a bit better, you can do it too? Sample things can help a lot, like clean your house recycling the garbage, economize water in bath, when you cleaning the dishes, etc. You really need TV turned on when you aren’t seeing it? And turn off the light of kitchen you’re in computer now ò_ó

That’s it my menssage for today, i’ll post some little things today and tomorrow, good weekend for everyone!


Finally Friday!

Hello guys, whats up everyone? I was veeery busy with job and other things, now, how is weekend i’ve more time to post. (If someone read this..)

Well, lets talk about some games, are you tired about MMO RPG or FPS or just dont have more time, like me, to play a good time in games? I have some choices for you, are a browser games, free, and very curious.

The first is about global civilization, every nation have they citizen, if you live in Brazil you register for Brazil sector for example. And in that game you can work, practice your physical, fight in wars and advance military rank, write a magazine and even became a president! Are interested? Here is the link:

The second game tip, is a app. of facebook. It’s more sample than erepublik but is cool too. If you were played SimCity any time and liked, you’ll like that too. The game works about you build your city, build houses, raise the market, open your businnes, take care of public buildings, work in your farm to get goods to sell, and much much, believe me, much more. The best thing to do is raise your city and build more and more high buildings.

Here is the link:

Good luck, hope see you soon!

Hell Yeah! \m/

Video: WWE Raw - 03/07/2011 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin 3:16 and JBL Return

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For today i’ll leave a song to you hear, in some hours i’ll work but when i back i’ll try write something better :D

The Offspring - You gonna go far kid

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